Dualmatic Hubs

These hubs use 2 levers to lock and unlock the front axels.  If you look at the lever on the edge it will

have a locked and free stamped on opposite sides of the lever.

To operate the hubs you just pull up on the lever and turn it 180 degrees and lock it back down.

This is the inside section of the hub and it butts up the the wheel hub.  

There should be a gasket in between them.

This shows the inside of the hub.  

The drive axel goes through the star gear.

If The star gear is free to spin, no force will be transferred to the wheel/tire.

If the star gear is locked into position, then the force from the axel is applied to the wheel/tire.


This shows the hub in the free position.  The star gear is "free" to spin in the hub.


This shows the hub in the locked position.  The star gear is now captured by the hub rollers and 

power will be transferred to the wheel/tire.

Here one side of the hub is locked and the other is free.

This will put a lot of pressure on the locked side which could break the hub.

I have herd of people painting the locked edges red and the free ones green to make it easier

to make it easier to see and thus prevent.

Some times the levers will be very hard to turn as they may be sitting in to far.

To fix that you just put a gasket between the 2 hub pieces.

The bolts holding the hub on also have a tendency to come loose.  Use LockTite on them to keep that from happening.

Each lever has a set screw (circled) that is used to keep the levers from coming loose while driving.

You can tighten it up a little so that the lever snaps in place.  There is a hole in the lever for the screw to snap into.